Top Mulching Blades & Mowers

I personally have never used anything besides a mulching blade on any of my lawnmowers.

I really can’t think of a good reason not to use a mulching blade. A blade that mulches cuts each blade of grass into smaller pieces, than discharges the clippings back into the lawn. This process makes it possible to cut your lawn without the use of a bag or grass catcher. The reason the blade is able to mulch instead of cut like a regular blade is because of it’s unique designed shape.

Features Of Top Mulching Blades & Mowers 

Mulching blades are also referred to as 3-in-1 because they are able to do three jobs in one.

1) Discharge grass clippings

2) Bag the clippings for easy removal/dumping

3) Lastly, they chop the clippings into fine mulch before leaving them scattered on the lawn.

The regular blade can only discharge the grass clippings through the chute or to the bag as a result of not finely chopping the clippings.


A mulching blade has a much more curved profile and many more cutting edges on its surface than a regular blade does. As a result it allows the blade to keep grass circulating under the deck of the mower. When doing so grass is cut into smaller pieces repeatedly before being released back to the lawn or into the catcher. This feature lacks in the regular blade, resulting in grass discharging in the same length as it was cut  from the lawn.


The mulching blade creates air wind which circulates to direct the grass clippings back to the lawn after they have been cut. This ‘magic’ happens when the clippings appear to have disappeared after cutting. In contrast a regular blade creates a ‘high-lift’, a kind of aerodynamic lift that enables the mower to pull grass clippings up from the lawn. Therefore it cuts and flings cuttings through the discharge chute.


Mulching blades are not as efficient when it comes to discharging the clippings.This is because of the reason stated above where the blades are designed to keep the grass longer between the curves of the blades allowing it to be cut into tiny pieces. The regular blades are very efficient because of the airlift technology that is key when moving larger cuttings through the discharge chute into the catcher.

top Mulching blades & mowers


It’s a good idea to read the manufacturer’s recommendations as to which type of blade is meant for your machine. If you are using the wrong blade types, your machine may not chop the grass as efficiently as it is intended. The grass clippings that have not been sufficiently cut tend to clog on the other side of the lawn mower. Problems like engine bogging or stalling out may be due to using the incorrect blade type.

In conclusion it is the decision of the manufacturer as to which blade to put on each specific model so it will perform at it’s best. The majority of mowers today come equipped with mulching blades. To see some of the newest technology in mowers check out this post on cordless mowers!

Happy Mulching!

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