Top 20 DIY Gardening Projects



We work hard in our gardens – planning, planting and caring for everything in it. It only makes sense that our garden should reflect a bit of our personality and style!

DIY gardening projects are a great way to bring some extra life and uniqueness to your garden, creating a space that you look forward to working and relaxing in. They can also offer solutions for those that want a fabulous garden, but don’t have an abundance of space to work with.

With so many incredible ideas circulating around the web, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone’s tastes, but it can be hard to choose between them!

Top 20 DIY Gardening Projects

Mason Jar Herb Garden   By
This is a great and unique way to grow your own herbs when you’re short on space!


mason jar herbs

DIY Miniature Gardens  By
Also referred to as “Fairy Gardens”, these miniature gardens are a decorative way to bring a garden into a space that might not otherwise have the room for one!

DIY Garden Projects

PVC Garden Trellis By
This is a helpful tutorial for those who want to save on planting space and give your veggies some air.

DIY Garden Projects


DIY Butterfly Feeder By
This simple project is a beautiful addition to any garden!

DIY Butterfly Project



How to Build a Mini Green House By

A great free resource that can help you extend your growing season by keeping your plants protected from the elements.

DIY Green House Project


Homemade Garlic-Mint Insect Spray By

An all natural way to keep insects out of your garden.

DIY Insect Spray




Eggshell Seedling Pots  By
Use eggshells to sprout seedlings, and easily transplant into your garden when they are ready!

DIY egg shell project


Low Maintenance Fall Planters Bursting With Color By
Yes, that’s right Fall planters in the shade bursting with COLOR!



DIY Rain Barrel System By
Save water by collecting rainwater to use for the garden!

DIY rain barrel project



DIY Compost Bins By
A collection of 45 DIY Compost bins, to suit anyone’s gardening needs!



Stacked Garden Planter/Bird Bath By
This is a simple but functional decor project that will really stand out in your garden.

DIY Planter Projects


Make Your Own Garden Markers By
A cute and personalized way to keep track of what is planted where!

DIY Garden Projects


Vertical Garden On Wooden Fence By
This is another great way to grow your own foods, without having to use up too much space in your yard!

DIY wall planter



DIY Tiki Torches By
A great collection of tiki torch ideas for bringing your garden to life at night, excellent for when you have company!

DIY Garden Torch



DIY Garden Fountains By
Because there’s nothing quite as soothing as the light sounds of water flowing from a fountain!

DIY Garden Fountain



Mosaic Stepping Stones By
Made using a simple cake pan, this is a decorative addition to your garden, that also helps you get around without crushing anything!

DIY stepping stones


Repurposed Tire Planter By
Turn an old tire into a gorgeous planter!

DIY tire planter


DIY Planting Board By
This planting board is easy to put together, and will make seed planting a snap!

DIY seed hole helper


Pottery Bench By
Give your back a break, and check out this handy helper.

Diy Potting bench



Rustic Homemade Cooler By
Because after all of that hard work making the other DIY Gardening projects, you’re going to need a nice cold drink!

DIY garden projects

We hope out of our favorite 20 DIY garden projects you will find something to try. There are so many great ideas just waiting for you to try. If you have a favorite DIY project we would love to hear about it in the section below.

Our next post is perfect for any DIYer who wants a beautiful lawn. We’ll let you in on some of the best rated lawn fertilizers on the market.



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