5 Best Electric String Trimmers Online

The best weed eater, string trimmer or weed whacker can be found online at very competitive prices. Yes these terms can sometimes be interchanged or combined but the point is they all have one purpose – to cut grass which cannot be done by a lawn mower. If your tired of messing around with spilt gas and oil mixes than an electric weed eater may be perfect for you. You can stop searching for a top rated weed wacker to get the job done because here is a list of the top 5  trimmers online:

1. Black & Decker LST136W

Best Electric String Trimmers
Black & Decker LST136W

This top weed trimmer is selling like hotcakes and grabs the number 1 spot. All in all it has a lot of customers happy about their purchase. In total, the Black & Decker LST136W weed trimmer garnered 4.5 over 5 stars which is something to brag about. No more noisy engines, with this battery powered tool.

Why buy this?

  • It has a Power Drive transmission, more power while cutting
  • Battery is 40V lithium and will last a long time and ultra light
  • There is a PowerCommand snap to adjust power and runtime
  • The Automatic bump head for automatic line feed for operator convenience
  • Watch the video

2. GreenWorks 21212

GreenWorks String Trimmer. One of the top rated electric string trimmer for sale.
GreenWorks 21212
GreenWorks 21212

This lightweight electric weed wacker is the #1 TOP SELLING TRIMMER on our Best of list. This handy little trimmer along with all Green Works products comes with a 4 year warranty which you probably won’t see anywhere else. This little machine is perfect for small jobs and tight areas where you can’t get a regular lawn mower. Great for people that don’t want to lug around a full size  heavy weight trimmer.

Why buy this?

  • A light 4.2 lbs.
  • 13-inch cutting width
  • double line auto-feed 
  • Electric start gets you going within seconds, no more gas spills!
  • Compatible GreenWorks Replacement Spool, Model 29082.

 3.Black & Decker ST7700

The top selling Black & Decker weed wacker in action. As seen in picture these trimmers can also be used for quality down edging to give your lawn a professional look.
Black & Decker ST7700

The next string trimmer that users opt for is the Black & Decker ST7700. It has an impressive rating of 4.3 over 5 stars. This battery powered  featherweight tool weighs in at less than 5 lbs. and comes with a full 2-year warranty ! Do your part in helping the environment,  go green and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why buy this?

    • Ideal for trimming hard to reach areas and also edging
    • Cutting width is 13-inches
    •  4.4 Amp motor that spins the cutting head at 10,000 RPM
    • Cord retention system guards against unintended unplugging
4. Toro 51480
Best selling electric toro trimmer. Another quality tool made by Toro. Here is this Toro weed wacker in action.
Toro 51480

The Toro 51480 electric string trimmer and edger is another top weed eater that cuts at a 14-inch width. This simple but reliable machine converts to an edger at the push of one button to give all your landscape beds and walkways that professional finish. This Toro trimmer also has a rust free aluminum shaft to keep your machine from rusting for years to come. Toro has been making  trusted, quality lawn and garden equipment  since 1914 .

Why buy this?

    • Corded electric trimmer/edger with a powerful 5 amp motor
    • convenient auto-feed trim line
    • Telescoping shaft and adjustable assist handle for extended reach
    •  2-year warranty

5. Black & Decker GH900

Here you see an electric Black & Decker weed wacker hard at work. This quality machine has a built in down edger that will guide you around walkways and curbs. For a quality professional look this down edger will give you what you need.
Black & Decker GH900

Another Black & Decker machine is on the top 5 list and has a solid 4 stars. This lightweight handy helper is perfect for those who have a hard time down edging without scalping the lawn.  The Black & Decker GH900 has a 2 in 1 handy wheel guide is all you need for perfectly edged walkways or flower beds. This handy little helper is perfect for those looking for a professional looking down edge without those brown burn spots.

Why buy this?

    •  auto string feed system ensures continual work without  having to stop
    • Lightweight  design with adjustable height and adjustable handle
    • The 6.5 amp motor and high torque transmission provide maximum and smooth performance

Just remember…

Trimmers are not designed to cut your whole lawn even though it’s possible, save that job for a bigger machine.

Check out these great tips on lawn and plant tips.  Here at LivingHprticulturally.com we have made it our job to bring you unbiased quality reviews. Whether your in the market for a new pressure washer or just want to know what the top rated zero turn mower is, we have you covered. If you want reviews on any products you don’t happen to see here than leave us a comment below.

Best Electric String Trimmers

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