Along with spring flowers blooming and the green grass growing comes a job that I think every gardener dreads… WEEDING ! With more and more people deciding to practice chemical free gardening I decided to come up with a few of the best Natural Weed Killer concoctions out there. Now keep in mind you may need to have a little more patience when going the natural root,  as I’ll be the first to admit they don’t always work as fast as the Image of RoundUp extended control with a built in pump.popular-  Glyphosate productsthe most well known beingRound Up”. 


Understandably more and more gardeners are steering clear of chemicals these days, and we all want to keep our families and pets as safe as possible, with that being said here are some ways that can be accomplished.


The Best Natural Weed Killers


The first,  which in my opinion is probably one of the most effective Natural Weed Killers is a non-selective, post emergent product called “Avenger”.  It’s  typically bought in 32 oz or 1 gl. containers in concentrated form. This product’s active ingredient is citrus oil (Limonene) which gives off a pleasant1 gl of Avenger the best natural Organic Weed Killers on Sale aroma while using unlike many other weed killers. It also contains small amounts of castrol oil and emulsifiers. Like most all weed killers it works best in the sun and on smaller weeds. I’ve had good luck with this product along with others I know who use it.  Avenger works by stripping away the plants waxy cuticle causing it to dehydrate  and die. This product is also approved by the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program for the use in organic gardening.




The next product to get rid of weeds is one we all probably have in our food cabinet ,white vinegar. It may be controversial to some. I’ve talked to people that swear by it, others say not so good.  Some might argue that vinegar natural is not natural?  The reason being, some vinegar brands are derived from Petroleum and some are derived from corn. If you are trying to keep poison 1 GL. OF VINEGAR-Best natural weed killers on sale.away from your food or your body I would recommend using vinegar made from corn. Heinz is the most well know product in that sense. BEWARE if it doesn’t say that it’s derived from corn or something non-toxic than it probably isn’t. It may cost a dollar extra per gallon but you be the judge if its worth it. I’ve found that it works on some weeds better than others, and like most weed killers, the hotter the temperature outside and the more stressed out the weeds are the better they work.

There are other additives to use with vinegar weed killer that are known to help, which are…

  • a couple tablespoons of non antibacterial dish soap, that will work as a binder to help it stick to the weed.
  • 1 cup of salt which will raise the acidity and dry out foliage.

Now with all that being said, whether or not you think Vinegar is natural,  it’s 100X  safer than regular store bought weed killers, so safe that we can put it in our bodies.

Lastly I will mention a couple other methods that are less common but are known to work just as well.

  • Pour boiling water on them. Now this as you can imagine could be dangerous, but I guess if you had some weeds right outside your door  you could dump it on them after you strain your pasta or boil a lobster.
  • This one may sound the strangest on the list but there are people swear by it… put newspaper over them. The theory being to block out the sun and suffocate them. I actually know people that do this first hand and say it works quite well.
  • Burn them with fire. They sell a contraption that hooks up to a propane tank with a hose and gun, which has flame at the end to fry  them to a crisp.

 I hope one of these methods might make your life a little easier this year, and keep in mind if you don’t get the results you wanted after round one go back and hit them again, weeding is an ongoing job and often takes a little work.

I’ll leave you with this, always know that the most effective and foolproof method is simply pulling these  pain in the a**’s out by hand, root and all.



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