Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower Maintenance

All things mechanical in nature are subject to wear and tear. Gradual deterioration is something we cannot stop nor prevent. Despite how good you may be at taking care of things, machines will break down at some point. Lawn mower maintenance will increase the life of your mower, without a doubt.

All mechanical equipment, including the handy lawn mower will reach its breaking point. However years can be added to a lawn mower’s life, or to any machine for that matter with proper upkeep and maintenance. While we cannot prevent our machines from deteriorating, we can slow the effects of wear and tear by performing these simple tasks.
Proper maintenance is imperative if you really want to add more life to your lawn mower. Maintenance does not only involve fixing the problems should they occur, but preventing these problems from happening as well. Prevention is better than cure for anything in life and the same holds true for lawn mowers.

Tips for keeping a healthy lawn mower

Dry Mowers Are Happy Mowers

One way of preventing mower problems is by reducing the amount of moisture sitting on your machine. A fully dried lawn mower is less susceptible to rust formation, especially on the fuel tank and mower deck. Rust has been a proven culprit in mechanical malfunctions and glitches. Also a space either inside your garage or tool shed is ideal for maintaining your lawn mower while keeping it out of the elements; leaving it exposed to the changing seasons can cause damage and rust to the blade and other metal components. To learn more about the different types of lawn mower blades check this out.

Fluid Changes

Draining your lawn mower of engine oil, fuel, and other mechanical fluids every autumn is one surefire way to increase its performance level and durability. You won’t be using your mower come winter unless you have grass that grows on snow. By spring, have your mower filled with new fluids, so you’ll be ready to start back to work when needed.

One of the most important parts of lawn mower maintenance will be an oil change on your mower every three to six months. Also change the oil before you start using the lawn mower once again in the spring. This is because all automotive engines need to be properly lubricated in order for it to work efficiently; the oil helps to keep the engine lubricated, which works to prevent premature damage to the engine and its parts.

Tips on maintaining your lawn mower

Spark Plug & Filter Changes

Here are a couple cost effective and very simple ways to maintain your lawn mower. These easy changes will help to ensure that you have a smooth running machine when needed. Replacing spark plugs as well as filters before your first use in the spring or summer is crucial part of owning a long lasting mower. Doing so every year is preventative maintenance and extends the life of your mower. Make sure that you wash thoroughly and then air dry foam filters. It is important to replace all paper filters, and change the fuel filter if you have one. It is important to follow manufacturers recommendations for these replacements parts and take note of when and what you replaced.

Lastly, do not neglect the underside of the mower. This is where that grass clippings accumulate every after use. This area can be easily forgotten about because it can go unseen. It’s good practice to turn the mower on its side (fuel fill facing up) to easily spray the underside after every mowing to prevent grass build up and scrape or wire brush if necessary.

These simple and easy steps on maintaining your lawn mower are important yet simple ones. You know on your way to having a happy, long lasting machine. For  tips and interesting facts on lawn mowers check out this.

Happy and Healthy Mowing!!

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  1. Sai Bharath says:

    Very well written and informative. I’m going to try a few of the suggestions to maintain my lawn mower and need to take special care during winter season.

  2. Trayson Evans says:

    My dad had a snowblower that wouldn’t start when he needed it to. His neighbor happens to be good with small engines and helped my dad drain the gasoline. I’m not sure if it goes bad due to time or temperature, but it was bad. Once they had new fluids in it, it started right up. Just like the article says, the fluids was all it needed.

    • Yes,changing fluids are key with engine maintenance. Several different things can happen when you leave gas in you mower causing it to go bad. For example additives such as detergents can break down over time and form sediment in the tank. Glad to hear that’s all it needed.

  3. It is a good idea to maintain the lawn mowers, especially, when the period is in winter. I will try to apply and be back with reviews and ideas. Thanks for your nice tips.

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