Simple Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Lawn and Garden

curb appeal

If you’re preparing to sell your home, then you likely have two goals in mind—maximizing the final sale price and selling your house quickly. To reach these goals, you’ll need to make your home appeal to prospective buyers. Because it’s the first thing people see, your home’s curb appeal will play a key role in attracting buyers. Luckily, you can improve your lawn and garden in a few simple steps. Here’s a look at some ways to maximize your property’s curb appeal.

Remove Signs of Neglect

Start by ridding your yard of anything that is dead or dying. That includes large trees, perennial plants, and shrubs. Nothing says neglect like a dead plant sitting front and center on your lawn.

Also, stand back and look at your home from across the street. Are there any plants that have grown too large? A huge tree might give a lot of shade, but if it hides the front door, it can be a hindrance to selling the house. Removing it will open up the front yard—making the space look more appealing.

Clean Up What You Have

Take time to thoroughly rake the yard and garden beds. There’s no need for last year’s leaves to linger in your yard. Use a pressure washer to clean sidewalks and other hardscape elements. Cleaning these surfaces will make them look close to brand new. If you find areas that need repairs, then have those done as well. Taking these simple steps to clean up your yard will go a long way towards helping you sell your home quickly.

Trim the Hedges and Trees

The shrubs surrounding your house may need to be trimmed and thinned to improve their appearance and shape. The trees in your yard will need attention also. Have a tree trimming professional remove branches that hang over the house. Also, remove any dead branches to preserve the overall health of the tree.

Restore Your Lawn

Now that you’ve cleaned up the area and cared for your trees and shrubs, it’s time to focus on the actual lawn. If your yard is looking less-than-lively, then add grass seed in areas where the lawn is particularly thin. Use herbicides as directed to remove crabgrass and other noticeable problems. Fertilizer will get everything looking greener.

Add Some Colorful Annuals

While healthy trees and a lush lawn will do wonders for your curb appeal, colorful plants will take things to the next level. To brighten your lawn, plant some colorful flowers along the edge of your garden beds and walkways. Then, for an added touch, place colorful pots of annuals on your porch to welcome visitors into your home.

curb appeal window box
curb appeal window box

Freshen Things Up

Now that the plants are taken care of, it’s time for a few finishing touches. Take the time to freshen up certain aspects of your home’s exterior. Paint your front door. Add a new layer of mulch to your garden beds. Apply a new stain to your front porch. Freshening up these details will finish the home makeover.

Preparing your home for resale will take a bit of work. But when you get a higher sales price in a shorter amount of time, you’ll see that it was well worth the effort.

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