How To Get Rid Of A Cold In 2 Days – The Best Home Remedy

how to get rid of a cold in 2 days

I never thought it possible, to find a remedy that actually worked. I couldn’t believe the results that this stuff had on all of us! Even more amazing was the fact that it was a natural cold and flu remedy, something that came from the earth! Not recommended by a Dr. or picked up at a pharmacy, it was found it by doing a search online for “how to get rid of a cold in 2 days”.

When I came across this natural cold remedy that worked so well I just had to share it with the world. I was looking for something for my family but especially our 11 month old before going on a vacation. .

To be completely honest I have never had much luck with any natural or homeopathic cold or flu remedies that I have tried in the past. When looking back at all the different types of over the counter cold and flu medications not one has seemed to do much of anything. That is until I found this.

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This natural cold remedy I’m about to tell you about really caught my family and I by surprise. When I tell you we have had an awful stretch of colds and sickness over the winter it is by far an understatement!

For almost 6 months, from the end of October until the beginning of March at least one out of the 5 of us had been sick, and as many as 4 of us at once. We were beginning to think there was something wrong with our home.

We were preparing for a trip to St. Thomas USVI and I began to worry that our stretch of sickness would affect our long awaited vacation. It seemed that the baby was the most consistent one getting sick. After all he is still developing an immune system and between daycare and putting everything under the sun in his mouth it’s not too surprising.

This is why I began to search for something that would work quick and was safe. Not knowing if there even was such a thing. As I researched, I came across something really interesting, Elderberry Concentrate. What I found so interesting was how many people had positive results from the Elderberry shrub.

As anyone that knows me will tell you I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to researching something I’m unsure about. So I began my looking into this amazing plant known as the black elderberry.

Elderberry Uses and History

The Black elder is often used for medicinal purposes. The berries are rich in antioxidants. The plant is known for boosting the immune system as well as its antiviral effects. In addition, it’s known to work well as an anti-inflammatory on the respiratory system. When made into syrup, elderberry can help break up mucus as well as ease congestion and coughing.

best natural cold remedy

This incredible plant has been used for thousands of years, and can be taken as a daily supplement or as a preventative during cold and flu season. It can also be taken in a higher dose to shorten the duration of the cold and flu. There have been several blind studies that show remarkable results.

Herbalists also use elderberry to soothe children’s upset stomachs, earaches, and help sleep during a fever. Elderberries are also known to have detoxifying properties. If you are still not impressed then get this; Elderberries are full of amino acids and are a good source of vitamin A , potent in vitamin C , and it can also give us 13% of our daily iron. Pretty amazing, right?

People have been using both the flowers and berries from this miracle plant to cure a wide array of health concerns dating back to ancient Greek times. Another awesome thing I almost forgot to mention is how good it tastes! You don’t have to worry about coaxing your kids to take this flu fighter. It actually has a very sweet taste, similar to grape juice.

quick cold remedies

Back to My Elderberry Story

So let me get back to my personal experience with black elderberry. After reading all these amazing facts and endless good reviews I decided to give it a try. I will tell you, that you have to be careful and read the label.

No all companies that produce this amazing natural remedy are the same. Some companies mix other ingredients with the syrup and use a lower concentration of the actual elderberry. This is exactly why many choose to make there own homemade elderberry syrup, so this way you know what is put into it. This is the exact product that I purchased and had amazing results.

natural cold and flu remedy

It important to read the label and pay attention to the amount of elderberry used, the dose and other ingredients. MOST important if you are giving this to very small children you probably want to stay away from products containing alcohol. I have seen concentrates with as much as 30% alcohol!!

About 12 days before our trip we all began taking our daily doses not knowing if we would see any results. I took a little higher of a dose because I was sick and had bad chest congestion for over a week. I was shocked, two days after taking the higher dose the congestion was pretty much gone. Our baby got rid of his cold and nobody in the house got sick again.

Often from a plane ride people get sick from being in such tight quarters with so many people. Not us! It has been a couple weeks since our trip. We took it every other day while we were away until the bottle was empty. So far still not one person in the house has been sick. Call it a coincidence, but whatever it is, it’s nothing less than truly amazing.

I have included a simple recipe to make your own. I personally have not YET made my own. We needed it ASAP and got it the next day with Prime shipping. This way I knew exactly what I was getting and the percent of concentrate that was lab tested. No time to mess around, and things worked out awesome.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

To learn a few more natural cold remedies that might help take a look at this. I understand that everyone is different, and just because it worked great for us it might not for you. I can only hope that you’ll have the same results we did.

Please share your experience with Elderberry or any other fast acting natural cold and flu remedies below.

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