IT’S PRICELESS TO SEE THE EXCITEMENT on my 6 year old  Alexis and Madison’s faces when a vegetable emerges, or a flower blooms that wasn’t there the day before.  Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, the cycle from beginning to end can be pretty amazing. This is our first year growing vegetables in the ground and not just in containers at our home and I love seeing how excited the girls are every single day to inspect our  garden and actually see the difference from the previous day.

kids watering
My favorite little gardeners watering flowers

From  seeds sprouting, to flowers blooming, to vegetables beginning to grow, it is all amazing in the eyes of children… and people like me too!  For starters a good set of gardening tools can make all the difference to the little ones. There are many different tools designed especially for children, nothing like the cheap plastic ones that we remember as kids. Children’s gardening supplies have come a long way and I will cover it in a future post but here are some good ones.

Kids gardening tools on sale
Kids tools built to last.

 As you can see below,  I’m not the only gardener/blogger that would agree that gardening can be an important part of a child’s upbringing. Gardening is not only fun and relaxing to some, but children can also learn a great deal. I’ve listed below some of my favorite gardening blogs that have great info on Gardening with Kids.

Stephanie, the owner of a blog I follow that’s filled with DIY projects and recipes called Gardening Therapy  talks about some of the benefits of gardening with kids. She wrote a great article featuring a roundup of some of her own ideas along with other people’s projects titled Crafty Gardening Projects for Kids.

Stephanie mentions how getting kids into the garden has been a long time passion of hers. She talks about how she loves volunteering for a program that brings inner city kids to a farm once every 2 weeks for the entire school year to learn about growing food and then cooking it. She goes on to say how it’s not only fun to grow with kids, but it’s also fun to get crafty with them!

kids in roses
Tulip patch

Another  blog I follow posted about the importance and benefits of getting kids in the garden, Creative Living and Growing with Bren  mentions that there is no better way to  get kids in the garden than by planting seeds, and I  couldn’t agree with her more as my kids and I  grew our first vegetable garden from seed this year.

She mentions growing a garden gives children important life skills. This post also mentions how kids can experience the joy that comes from caring for something while watching it grow first hand.  You can check out some wonderful pictures and read the rest of article called Little Fingers Sowing Seeds.

Hard at work.
Hard at work.

One of my favorite gardening blogs, which is filled with fun and creative ideas for your home and garden is called Raise Your Garden, and has an interesting article titled 8 Things I Learned About Gardening with Kids. This article reminds us of eight super life lessons that gardening can teach.

 Blog owner Laura talks about in her  #7  lesson, which is the invaluable lesson of patience, that it’s a ripe opportunity to instill a sense of hard work paying off in the long term, to the benefit of all. She also mentions how it can be tricky to garden with kids, but if we can harness their energy it can work out well for all. This post really points out some clever things that gardening can teach kids.

Zucchini anyone?
Zucchini anyone?

Last but not least Gardening 4 kids , another great one on the list is filled with projects and gardening items geared towards kids. As you can see by the name of this blog it is entirely written with kids in mind.  Blog owner Erica is passionate about gardening, the environment and sustainability. She shares her passions with her children and hopes to inspire many young people to value the wonder of the natural world.

The shop section of her blog was created due to frustration felt when trying to source quality gardening products that would stand the test of time. In the past, to find practical, educational and decorative garden supplies that were appealing and appropriate for children you would have to visit several different stores. Gardening 4 Kids makes all these products available in one place. Erica’s goal is to grow Gardening for Kids to become a one-stop shop for information and quality products that encourage children to “get back to nature” and have fun in their natural environment.

So if  you have kids and have been thinking of getting them into the garden, than GO FOR IT ! Take it from me or anyone of the people I mentioned above, you wont be sorry and it’s guaranteed to bring smiles all around.

We have made it our job to bring you quality unbiased reviews and all kinds of gardening know how. Whether your in the market for a top rated zero turn mower or just want to learn some tips on growing organically you’ve come to the right place.

Happy Gardening!


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