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 I hate to be the one to break it to you, but if you own a riding lawn mower sooner or later you’ll need craftsman riding lawn mower parts. The reason not being because they break down more often than other machines. It’s because no matter what riding mower you own, you will eventually need to get parts. Craftsman is a name that has been has been working hard in homes since 1927.

 When most think of Craftsman they think of  made in America. You also think of quality, but with that being said no matter how good of quality, everything needs fixing. I’m going to let you in on a little secret that some of the most seasoned mechanics don’t even know.  So- Shhhhhhhhhh!  This little secret will work on many other parts not just for Craftsman parts.

Craftsman riding lawn mower parts


Are you someone that will never attempt to fix or replace a single part on a piece of equipment? If so than read no further. Would you rather pay someone else hundreds of dollars to make a minor fix? Than stop right here!

 If you CAN’T stand throwing money down the drain and enjoy fixing things yourself, THAN READ ON.

Most people who fix their own Craftsman small engine equipment ( especially home owners ) go right to the Sears web site for parts. Sometimes people just go right to the place they bought the machine from.

\I have to admit it seems logical. When fixing a craftsman riding lawn mower the first thing that comes to mind would be a Sears parts store. But I know better. What most people don’t know is that they sell many of the same parts on another site for a cheaper price. I’m not talking a few cents cheaper, I’m talking half the price or more!


I can here your thoughts now “There’s now way, it doesn’t make sense” or ” how can that be?” Did you know that a large majority of things we buy in today’s world cost more directly from the source. I use to think the same thing, it should be the opposite. I’m sure most of you think the same thing. Things should be cheaper if purchased right from the manufacturer. You would think. WHY NOT? Well when most consumers purchase items they are buying in small volume therefore paying top dollar.

So what other businesses do is buy in HUGE quantities, for example the most common craftsman riding lawn mower parts and sell them at a cheaper price to try to gain the business. With that being said you need to make sure your getting the part you need. DOUBLE check your part #’s and your model # to ensure you get the right part.

Here are a couple examples of the savings I was talking about, almost double the price directly from the Craftsman parts site ! This is a deck spindle that you can get at a huge discount, a little more advanced than replacing your oil and air filter, but with today’s technology you can watch a mechanic on You Tube that will walk you through the whole process.

Lawn mower parts- Deck Spindle


Here is a common part that every craftsman riding mower is going to need sooner or later, another item that you get from them for MORE THAN DOUBLE the price as you could from my secret source.

Replacement Belt for Craftsman riding mower

 Best Place For Lawn Mower Parts

All joking aside this really isnt my little secret, Amazon happens to be the largest online retailer in the U.S.. Why is it people pay more money for Craftsman riding mower parts and order from Craftsman?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  It’s baffling to me. I guess some people just don’t care about pating double the price!

I’m not saying every part is cheaper on Amazon and no they don’t have every part you’ll need, but it’s definitely worth a look! Shipping alone will save you money. Another amazing service they provide is Amazon Prime. I’m not going to list all the 10 amazing benefits and free things that come with a Prime membership, but I will tell you the biggest one –  If you click this you can Try Amazon Prime Free For 30-Day’s; and look for yourself at all the perks I mentioned !l

So if you need help searching for best riding lawn mower or a walk behind read this. But sooner or later I assure you, your going to need parts. Guaranteed. I am also pretty sure that you will be very glad you came across this article. If you have saved money by purchasing through Amazon we would love to hear about it below.

Now Get Fixing!


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