Best Outdoor Solar Lights of 2020

Do you hate getting out of your car at night in a pitch black driveway or fumbling through your keys and can’t see a thing? Have you always wanted more lighting on your walkway or driveway, but thought it was going to be expensive? One of the 6 best outdoor solar lights below is the answer to your problems!

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Introduction to the World of Solar

Well, today you’ll learn why its’ not only inexpensive, but they will save you money. We are going to provide you with everything you need to know to make the right decision when purchasing the best outdoor Solar Lights. Solar lighting can be used around any home or garden no matter how small or big.

Not only are solar lights, environmentally friendly, but they are cost effective and require absolutely no wiring. One of the best features that exterior solar lighting has is the ability to turn on at dusk and off at daylight to conserve energy through the battery.

6 Best Outdoor Solar Light Reviews

Today you will be able to look at the best outdoor solar lights on the market. We will cover what makes these lights shine above the rest. Lighting features, quality, reliability, and brightness are what set these 5 best selling solar lights apart from their competitors.

1) URPOWER Solar Lights with Motion Detection

URPOWER offers specialized solar power lights that consist of 4 lights in each package that are lit with 8 LEDs within each light. These motion activated solar powered waterproof lights are known for their brightness. This style light works best when fastened to a fence or deck post post or even the side of a house. 

The light shines from one side of the unit with lighting directed downward. These URPOWER lights can be used to light up dark areas, add lighting to a water feature or pool or to show off a colorful garden at night.

URPOWER solar lights are equipped with larger solar panels which explain the bright, powerful light given off with each unit. These panels are attached with a plastic housing that make it completely rust free and convenient to use. This is a truly wireless solar light, which has no connections. They are equipped with 18500 power lithium-ion battery for long periods of lighting.

You can adjust these lights according to your need and specifications. These URPOWER solar lights are best used for shining on target areas.


The URPOWER solar power light is convenient as it’s equipped with 2 holes that make for easy hanging. This light has a classy high tech design that looks great anywhere it’s used. 

These solar powered lights are made from waterproof material. The connection between light and the solar panel is plastic in nature which eliminates the worry of rust.

Motion Detection
Our favorite feature on the URPOWER SL-002 is the day/night motion sensor. This feature is what makes this the perfect security light. Say goodbye to getting out of your car in a dark driveway or walking up an unlit set of stairs. This outdoor solar security light will give you all the light you need and only when you need it, cutting down on electricity.

 What we like about this URPOWER solar light.

 ✓ Motion Detector.

Waterproof/Weather Resistant

 ✓ 8 LEDs in Each Unit

Motion Detection


Inconsistent lighting, doesn’t turn on 100% of the time

2) URPOWER Solar Lights

URPOWER 2in1 Solar Lights[/easyazon_link]

Once again, URPOWER made the list with its 2 in 1 solar lighting package, which gives you some of the brightest LEDs on our list. The solar panel on this light is fully adjustable, which makes finding the right spot no problem at all.

 These solar lights have an automatic on-off function that enables the device to automatically shut down in the daylight to conserve power than automatically switch back on at night.  The whole solar light is very convenient and easy to install in any location. The URPOWER 2in1 is an intense light. You can place it directly on your lawn, front door, back yard, near flower beds, or poolside. Designed to be used on the ground with included pole, or mounted from above on a structure or pole. In fact, the weather-resistant material makes it convenient to use all year round.


  • The design
    The URPOWER 2in1 light contains a compact, portable, and wireless design. You can easily place where you want.
  • Material
    The URPOWER 2in1 light contains a lightweight but sturdy material that can easily handle the hard weather climate.
  • Solar Panel
    The whole lightening system is equipped with a reliable solar panel that stores the sunlight and converts it to electric power.
  • 2in1 function
    Yes the URPOWER solar light is available in 2in1 features you can place the solar lamp directly to ground and mount it on the wall for perfect usage.




Safe and secure.

2in1 functions for placement.

Twelve hours usage in full charge.Water-proof and weather resistant


X The URPOWER 2in1 is available in a single color.

5) Garden Bliss Best Solar Lights

bright enough and they can’t be directed to a specific area. The atmosphere created by these low watt lights to create a cozy inviting atmosphere. The impressive dim and smoky lens provides enough light to light a walkway for safe travel.

What we loved about these lights were the options for height when installing, they allow for 8 inch or 12 inch lighting. This comes in handy if you put them around taller flowers or grass in the garden. 

 Garden Bliss Solar Lights are entirely weather-resistant, dustproof and waterproof. The durable ground spikes easily hold in the ground. These are portable and compact spikes that look great in a variety of areas.


  •   Weather and water-resistant
    The plastic material makes it safe and secure from harsh weather. You can safely use solar lights during rain and sunny weather. 
  • Automatic function
    The automatic functionality will save on battery power by shutting off in daylight and turning on at night.


Safe and secure.

Sturdy plastic material.

10 Elegant lights per package.

Auto on-off 

Waterproof, weather resistant material.


X  Short overall life span

6)Deneve Solar Flagpole Downlight

If you’re wondering what the brightest solar lights are? Look no further. This flag pole light made by Deneve is a high quality solar light that is over 1,000 lumens. Yes, we realize this is a solar light has a very specific use, but when couldn’t leave this one out.

This light is by far is the brightest outdoor solar light measuring an astonishing 1300 Lumens! This type of solar light is made to sit at the top of your flag pole and shine down to light up the flag automatically when the sun begins to set.


Super Bright Light Made to Last

1400 Lumens 

✓ No tool installation

✓ 26 LEDs for optimum brightness


X Fits MOST flag poles so check the specifications before ordering.

Solar Lighting Buyers Guide

How Solar Power Lights Work

Normally the process of solar power systems is carried through by using the lenses or mirrors and a specific tracking system to observe an area of sunlight into a small beam.

Solar powered lighting can be used in exactly the same way that electric lighting can be used, as long as your panels have access to sunlight. When light charges the battery in a solar powered light it is stored until needed, allowing the lights to work when there is no light. This article goes into great detail on how solar lighting works.

When reviewing solar lighting, we noticed that there are lights that claim to be brighter than the lights we reviewed that we tested. Just because a solar light claims to have the highest Lumens, doesn’t by any means correlate with being the best. 

Unfortunately, those lights did not make our list because of either poor quality or the failure to work correctly. We did the research and testing so you are able to purchase one of the best solar lights with confidence.

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