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Whether you own or your renting it’s almost time to fire up that garden tiller and get your garden ready for spring. I know many gardeners rent these machines because they can be pricey and used less frequently than other garden equipment. The thing about owning a machine from the best garden tillers list below is when it’s sitting there already on your property you more than likely will put it to good use. The downfall is you will surely have friends and family asking to borrow it.

Renting a garden tiller can run upwards of $85 for a full day or hourly for around $29. The other problem with these heavy machines is transporting it to and from the rental company. Before we get into some of the different features and options you should look for in your search for the best garden tiller, lets first look at few of the top rated and best reviewed tillers online.

Troy Bilt TB146 Cultivator

  • Powerful and versatile cultivator designed to cultivate flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • 29cc 4-cycle engine, runs on straight gas
  • 6-12 inch adjustable tilling width
  • 6 steel tines ideal for cultivating up to 5 inches deep

The durable transmission on the TB146 allows for easy use when creating finely textured and well aerated seedbeds that are 5″ deep and up to 12″ wide. The compact design and ultra light weight makes for easy transport and storage. This little machine is actually categorized as a cultivator. Great for smaller areas and raised beds. Another great feature of this Troy Bilt Cultivator is that it’s small and light enough to transport effortlessly.

Southland SRTT196E

  • 11-inch tine diameter & 10-inch tilling depth
  • Self sharpening counter rotating tines 
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability 

The Southland SRTT196E 196cc is a real work horse and was built with power in mind-. This beast will make for easy work on almost any landscaping project. Aerating with its 11 in. tines will easily cut into almost any soil type. The OHV 4 Stroke engine and the counter rotating tines will provide the necessary power to break through clumps, roots, clay and hard compact ground.

Earthquake MC43

  • Easy assembley and manuverability
  • Adjustable cultivating depth
  • Variable speed, throttle and clutch 
  • 6″ or 10″ inch tilling width
  • 8″ tilling depth

Lastly, the Earthquake MC43 mini Cultivator is a garden hero for many when it comes to working in fertilizer or aerating soil. Its compact size and lightweight design make for easy transport and maneuverability. The high-performance 43cc Viper engine delivers power to work through a variety of soil types. A good choice for small-medium size areas.

Types of Garden Tillers

Cultivator: Basically a smaller version of a tiller, which is used for the same purpose but on a smaller scale. Ideal for raised beds. Easy to store and control and less expensive compared to a full size tiller. To learn more about cultivators and tillers take a look at this.

Rear-tine tiller: These tillers are heavy duty, the most aggressive and the highest priced. The engine is located on the front and the tines on the rear of the machine. This type of tiller will rip an existing lawn into a flower bed with ease.

Best garden tillers

Front-tine tiller: This garden tiller is usually less expensive than the rear- tine tiller while being less aggressive also. Good for weeding, loosening up existing beds, mixing in soil amendments and fertilizer.

If your weeding in and around existing beds or established turf than a garden tiller is less than ideal,  check out these handy weeding tools guaranteed to make your life easier.

Counter-rotating tines: Tines are the blades of the tiller that do all the work. When the tines rotate the opposite direction as the wheels are moving they are called counter rotating tines. As a result this type is ideal for breaking grass and turning a lawn area into a garden or bed. Perfect for extremely hard soil.

Forward-rotating times: Just as you might expect these tines rotate the same direction as the wheels. Some tillers that are rear tine can also come with both counter & forward rotating tines. Always important to take note of these features when choosing which tiller is best for your needs. Theres nothing worse than making an expensive purchase than finding out it was th


When deciding if renting or buying is best dont forget how much nicer it is to work without keeping an eye on the clock when being charged by the hour. It might seem like a pricey purchase, but when you think about that cost every year it ads up pretty quick. No matter which option you choose these machines can make your life much easier when it comes to gardening.

Whether your turning an existing lawn into a garden, or loosening up that area that’s always to compact to ever grow anything, with the help of quality garden tiller the options are endless.

Happy Tilling!

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