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A chainsaw is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment you can have in your arsenal of gardening tools. These extremely handy yet dangerous tools come in several different types. Gas powered, electric and battery powered. Today we’re going to dive into some of the best electric chainsaws while looking at the pros & cons.

When owning a top rated electric powered saw you’ll realize, it’s a low maintenance tool which is a lot less noisy than most gas models. One advantage of using an engine not powered by gasoline is that they’re environmentally friendly due to the lack of toxic fumes. Second they are cheaper to operate without the constant purchase of fuel.

The drawback however is the inability to cut and buck larger size trees. The reduced power compared to most gas models is what sets them apart. With more power and speed comes more danger, so if your not experienced and confident than an electric saw might be the perfect solution.

best electric chainsaw

If you are the type who likes to work around the yard, pruning or trimming small – medium trees, than an electric chainsaw is best for you. Electric is simpler, almost maintenance free and much cheaper than chain saws that have gas engines.

Chain saws are extremely versatile, as they can finish tasks which are seemingly endless if you were to do by hand. Extreme caution must always be taken when using power tools, especially ones with moving blades. Its careful use and proper care saves lives. This frame of mind helps reduce careless injuries and unnecessary repairs ensuring a proper functioning and efficient tool for many years. The lack of care and improper maintenance can result in mechanical issues along with serious injuries.

The standard image of a chain saw is a high power gas saw, which requires oil to run. They are an extremely powerful tool, and produce lots of fumes and noise, resulting in a less than ideal solution for homeowners. This is why more and more people are going in the direction of electric tools. To learn more one of the leaders in the chain saw market read this.

Some of the best electric chainsaws on the other hand, are silent and pollution free. These small useful power tools can offer significant benefits around the home. What are the benefits, when it comes to an electric saw purchase?

No More Gasoline

Because these saws are powered electrically, there is no need for fuel or engine oil. The only oil needed is bar oil. Bar oil is filled in a reservoir which automatically lubricates the chain.  No more costly trips to the fill station and say goodbye to spilt smelly gasoline.

Say Goodbye To Spark Plugs

Anyone who has ever tried to start a traditional chain saw with a spark plug would certainly appreciate an electric start. Often times gas saws have problems starting resulting in heavy pulling over and over. This type of repetitive hard pulling leaves even the most fit, tired and fatigued. There’s nothing like the press of a button and your ready to work

Better For The Environment With No Emissions

One of the most recognizable aspects of a chain saw (with the exception of noise) is the exhaust. It is extremely important, and could also be very dangerous for you and the people around you. However, electric chainsaws have no exhaust. This could be an essential element for both those who care about the environment and hearing loss.

top rated electric chainsaws

Some Possible Disadvantages

While any one of the best electric chainsaws below are exceptional tools, they have some disadvantages. First of all, they are not as powerful as their gas counterparts. Secondly, you will only we sawing where you have a power source. Consequently no cutting in the woods or roads that aren’t close to a house or generator.

More Advantages of the Best Electric Chainsaws

However, for what they are, these are exceptional low cost investment for several reasons, and can help with your lawn and garden maintenance. By having this tool in your position and ready to go, you’ll find yourself doing those jobs you’ve been putting off.

While many people appreciate the convenience and portability of gas saws, there are many people who are beginning to discover the benefits of working with a top rated  chainsaw. Units that depend on gas for power are much heavier. In addition, they often require a high level of maintenance. You’ll be avoiding things like filter changes and costly carburetor cleaning and repair.

If you only depend on a chainsaw for household tasks from time to time, it may be best to choose a top rated electric chainsaw from our picks below.

Many people use chainsaws to cut large trees or for commercial use. If you are planning on engaging in this type of tree work, it’s definitely best to choose a gas saw. Check out these larger gas powered saws that will get the job done. Even the best electric chainsaw will not be able keep up with these types of larger tasks or furthermore a broke chainsaw.



Best Features:

The WORX WG303.1. A great feature on the WORX WG202.1 is the saws automatic chain lubrication system with an oil level gauge. The automatic chain system tension works great to  decrease the likelihood of excessive tightening, which can be problematic. Use your electric saw worry free with the 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Weakness: It’s a little tight between the top handles and the chain brake and this unintentionally results in frequent activation of the safety shutoff function.


Best Features:

The Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim is an electric chainsaw that has power cord along with a 14 inch low-kickback bar. The saw has an 8 amp electric motor that makes it great for trimming and cutting smaller trees and branches. It has a push-button oiler that lets you add oil to your bar with an easy-to-view oil reservoir for gauging your oil level. Without proper oiling you can ruin a new chain in no time.

Weakness: There have been instances of chain oil leaks, this is an easy fix by laying the unit with its chain side down. The chain tension adjustment can be a little awkward until you get use to it. Improper chain adjustment can result in a chain that’s too tight or dangerously loose.


Best Features:

The OREGON CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw, an electric operated chainsaw with an 18 inch bar and chain with reduced-kickback. This saw is perfect for many different tasks that require quick cutting. The CS1500 has enough power to cut through firewood and also trimming and felling through small trees, furthermore it can also cut through trees that are 16 inches in diameter


There have been comments from other users that complain about the chain easily falling off. However, this might be a user error or an isolated issue since this occurrence has rarely been reported.

Remington RM1025SPS Chainsaw – Pole saw Combo

Best Features:

The 2-in-1 pole saw/chainsaw features an adjustable pole extending up to 10-fee. The 8-amp electric motor allows for quick and easy cutting, while the low-kickback, 10-inch bar make pruning an easy task.The pole saw’s easy flip & lock clamps allow for immediate disconnect from the pole. As a result you actually have two awesome tools in one.


Using a pole saw can be awkward as the weight of the saw at the end of the pole can cause arm fatigue rather quickly. It’s best to stop once fatigued and restart after resting. Using a pole saw takes a little getting use to, its best to let the saw do all the work and not force the cut.

If you’ve used another electric saw that you think should be on the list we would love to hear about it in the comment section below. Hopefully we’ve made your decision as to which chainsaw is best for you an easier one. To learn more about chainsaws and cutting trees this forum on Arboriculture is a great place to check out. If you missed our last post on the best wood chippers you can check it out right here, it was a good one! We appreciate your stopping by and if you have feedback on any of the saws we reviewed it’s appreciated.

Until next time, Happy sawing!

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