Is It Time For The Best Cordless Mower?

In the recent past, you would get mediocre to bad performance from a battery-powered cordless mower. The now discontinued Black Decker SPCM1936 self-propelled lawn mower topped in consumer ratings among the cordless models. Unfortunately, its overall performance score was way below quality performance and it wasn’t worth the money. If your wondering, is it time for a cordless mower keep reading.

Today, there are still many poorly performing lawn mowers that are not up to par. However, there are more choices than ever on the market that blow away the top machine from just a few years ago. One manufacturer that has raised the bar in the battery powered line is EGO.

best cordless mower

Is It Time For A Cordless Mower?

 Stop asking and learn why!

The Best Cordless Mowers

According to consumer test reports, two out of the three highest ranked lawn mowers come from EGO. The first model put out by EGO was the LM2000.  The first model was not the most impressive in  terms of cutting power. A couple features that it did have going for it was a great ergonomic design and top-notch handling. Then came the new and improved EGO LM2000 which has the power and performance of a gasoline mower but without all the noise and headaches. This 56 volt lithium ion battery powered workhorse can cut up to 2 miles on a single charge in all types of weather.

The Black and Decker CM2040 in also on the best cordless mower liss. This machine costs less than $400 like the EGO but has rated better with grass clipping capabilities than the EGO model. The 20 inch  Black & Decker 3 in 1 model is lightweight and powerful. With it’s easy to use single lever that has 6 settings for height adjustments you will get the cut you want without any problem.

The model that takes leadership is EGO LM2001, which goes for about $500. This champion has outdone even the best gas-powered model according to the consumer tests. This cordless mowers 56 volt rapid charging technology and 45 minutes of power house cutting has set this mower apart from others. Like all EGO outdoor equipment it has a 5 yr limited warranty.

What To Consider When Buying A Battery Powered Lawn Mower


When purchasing a cordless lawn mower, keep in mind that its battery will not last past the five-year mark. There are battery technologies that are coming up that could help extend this period. However, the battery life is dependent on several factors beyond their make-up of the battery. Some factors that will extend battery life include the storage conditions of the battery, the environmental temperature during the charging period, and the frequency at which the battery is charged and used. For example, if you live in the cold regions, you could shorten the life of your battery by leaving the battery on the lawn mower when not in use. It is advisable that you keep the battery connected to its charger indoors.

Lawn Type

You have to consider if your lawn is a candidate for the use of a cordless lawn mower. If the lawn is less than a quarter of an acre and flat, the choice of cordless lawn mower is better than gas powered mower. It would also save you the high cost of maintaining a gas-powered machine. There is one great battery-powered lawn mower for larger properties. It is the $4,000 Cub Cadet RTZ-S42 zero turn radius rider. This lawn mower has great capabilities but comes at prices that are too high for most homeowners.

You can read more about this riding mower here. If a walk behind is out of the question and you have a large area to mow then a zero turn mower may be the best choice. If you want to learn about top rated zero turn mowers then this article and buyers guide shouldn’t be missed.

Push Or Self Propelled?

You should also consider whether to go for a push or self-propelled lawn mower. You will have to walk behind the push lawn mower and control its forward and reverse movements. However, a self-propelled cordless lawn mower has powered rear wheels to drive its forward and backward motion. Your work in this case is to control the speed of the mower. When comparing both types against the battery use, the self-propelled lawn mower tends to require more power to operate. Therefore,  it is less likely to last long without need for recharging.

Mulching or Not Mulching?

What do you do with the grass clippings from the cut? You can pick a cordless mower that gives you the option of mulching the clippings and chopping them into fine pieces so that they can decompose fast and add nutrients to the soil.

However, if you would like to keep your lawn clean and neat (and use fertilizers to enrich the lawn), you can bag the clippings. Bagging and dumping them is more work but always an option. It is rather unfortunate that many cordless lawn mowers are not very good at bagging the clippings but very well at mulching the grass. Keep in mind that you will have to keep emptying the bag if you are mowing a large area. As long as you mow frequently there is nothing wrong with mulching your clippings. It  requires much less work and decreases weed growth. If weeds become an issue, learn how to remove them in a snap with some awesome weeding tools. The preferred method for mowing is actually to mulch the grass clippings.

Buying a quality cordless lawn mower seems to be the most logical choice for many users today. Since cordless requires little maintenance except for cleaning and recharging after use, and it’s better for the earth it’s usually the smartest option.







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