Top 10 Best Composters – Bins vs Tumblers

Top 10 Best Composters – Bins vs Tumblers

One of the easiest ways to recycle is by using one of the best composters listed below

All around the world, individuals will just throw their waste away without a second thought, forgetting that they’re harming nature in the process. This is particularly true when it comes to food and plant waste.

Families all over the world will scrape their plates into the garbage without thinking of any alternative ways to get rid of it. .

If you garden I’m sure you already know how expensive purchasing good compost can be. Also, after purchasing bags of expensive compost you never really know for sure what went into making that compost.

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When you make your own rich compost you know exactly what you’re getting and I’m sure it’s better than most of the stuff that they are selling! Why waste money on purchasing compost, when you can make your own high quality compost while reducing waste and helping the planet at the same time?

Composting is a fantastic way to remove your waste in a more natural way. With the best composter, you’ll be able to throw away your food and help the environment all in one swoop. More individuals need to be educated about the benefits of composters and tumblers because they’re a great way to remove and reuse unwanted trash.

The next time you see a rotten piece of fruit or a cold cuts that have gone bad, don’t throw it in the trash. Throw it in a composter and make what some refer to as black gold.


What Are Composters?

Composters are an essential element of any home or garden. In their most basic form, composters are a way to break down organic waste and greenery (like plants) into what is known as green waste. This is very high in nutrients and can be used to help other plants grow. Compost is commonly used in farming, agriculture and general gardening.

There are two types of composters that you should know about. People refer to one as a bin and the other style is a tumbler. One is more basic than the other, so you should consider how much you garden and how much compost you want before you go ahead and purchase. Both of these composters are made for heavy-duty use.

Compost Bins

Compost bins are a lot bigger than tumblers and can be used by the more casual composter. They are the simplest way to manage your compost pile while keeping it contained, preventing rodents and animals from getting into it. The compost (when it is in a bin) is enclosed and protected. No odors can escape and the process is very slow and takes longer to fully break down.

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Bin style composters in general, are pretty basic and easy to use. They take their time when it comes down to it, although regular manual mixing will help the process. That being said, many owners would prefer to just leave it alone – mixing compost by hand isn’t the most pleasant experience, it isnt for the weak stomached.

Compost Tumblers

Tumblers are the best enclosed alternative when you’re looking to produce rich, organic material at a faster pace, with less work. They are similar to bins, in the sense that they allow for the storage of compost, but they can be moved and “tumbled” using a mechanism located on the side of the enclosure. They can sometimes resemble a raffle ticket or number ball mixer.

One of the biggest benefits of tumblers over bins is they work faster. This is because you don’t have to wait for the material to breakdown naturally. The mechanism allows you to spin the organic matter which speeds up the composting process by turning it over. Sometimes, if you have a regular spinning routine, you can mix yourself a batch of compost in as little as 4 weeks.

Here are some of the different types of tumblers:

  • Rotating axel drums
  • Base rolling drums
  • Rolling spheres

The Best Composter Bins: Reviewed and Tested for 2017

Composter bins are the most basic way to store and manage your compost. They are stationary and work the slowest when it comes to making a fresh batch. However, if you can hold your nose, they can be sped up with a quick stir with a pitchfork. They do tend to hold more than tumblers and can sometimes work out cheaper. Check out our top 5 best bin style composters for the current year.

The GeoBin Composter (Best Bin for Garden Waste)

The GeoBin is an incredibly simple compost bin that is excellent if you’re an adept gardener who wants to create some hummus from the leftover clippings. This compost bin is incredibly light and easy to set up. The open top design makes it easily accessible when you go about your daily garden maintenance.

This compost bin is one of the more cost-friendly bins on the list and offers a more practical way to dispose of your garden waste. It is well ventilated and will produce some fantastic compost.

However, as a word of caution for beginners, you will need to know how to layer your yard waste properly if you want to create a lovely, thick layer of organic material.

The Deluxe Pyramid Composter (Best Bin for the Garden)

This is the best bin style composter for the garden for a reason. It looks awesome and works great. When you’re using this composter, you won’t have an eyesore in the middle of your lovely garden. This bin blends in with the environment and won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

As well as looks, this bin is fantastic for collecting garden waste and can be easily accessed through the top lid design. There are even two side openings for when the brewing is complete and you’re ready to spread your compost in the garden. The pyramid lid also helps to keep the compost moist when it rains, saving time and energy when doing it yourself. This composter comes in black or brown to suit your preference.

The Tierra Garden Thermo King (Best Bin for Capacity)

If you’re looking to create a lot of compost then you’re going to need a large capacity composter. This is especially true if you plan on recycling both garden waste as well as food waste.

The Thermo King has a huge capacity of 240 gallons, which is more than enough for any garden. In addition, the bin is made from 100% recycled plastic and is tough to withstand anything from harsh storms and pesky rodents.

Even though this is a big bin, the setup and assembly is very easy and any beginner can accomplish it. The compost bin also has a bottom flap, allowing you to empty the compost once it’s brewed to perfection.

The Redmon Green Culture (Best Bin to Combo with Tumbler)

Although many readers may be beginners, a lot of you are going to be expert gardeners who need a bin with a little extra. That is why we have included the Redmon Green Culture compost bin on this list. With this bin, you can pair it with a tumbler for maximum composting efficiency. This compost bin can brew both garden waste as well as food waste and is made from a tough weather-resistant plastic, which also does a great job in keeping pests at bay.

The reason this can be easily paired with a tumbler is because of the easy access doors. The bin has four access points that allow you to move mixture from the bin to a tumbler, speeding up the brewing process. Although a tumbler will help with the composting and production of humus, the bin will still handle the process very well thanks to the ventilated design.

The Algreen Soil Saver (Best Bin for Beginners)

This is one of the best compost bins if you’re a beginner gardener. This bin is a little heavy because of the thick plastic walls and having a material like this is beneficial. It allows for the trapping of heat, which will encourage decomposition and speed up the process of making compost. The heavy duty bin is suitable for both garden and food waste and is completely weather resistant, allowing you to brew throughout the year.

The reason we chose this as the best composter for beginners is because of the easy assembly. The bin can be put together quickly with the nylon screws provided and you don’t need to worry about rusting or rotting screws because it is made of  nylon. The bin has a sliding door design, allowing you to empty the contents smoothly without spillage. It is voted one of the best composers on the market, whether you are starting your first batch or you’re a seasoned veteran.

The Best Compost Tumblers: Reviewed and Tested for 2017

If you’re looking for a bit more composting power, we always suggest you go for a tumbler. They’re a little more expensive and designed for more adept gardens. But they produce humus at a much faster rate, come in many different variations and are easier to turn over. They can also be paired with a bin if you’re looking for both compost storage and compost production. Below you’ll find the 5 best compost tumblers on the market.

Lifetime Compost Tumbler – The Best Composter Tumbler for Capacity

If you’re looking to tumble a lot of compost on a regular basis, you’re going to need a composter tumbler with a big capacity. This is why we have chosen the Lifetime Compost Tumbler. This tumbler has a maximum capacity of 80 gallons and has an above-ground design.

The benefits of this are to keep pests away from your lovely humus, but it also helps when it comes to spinning.Because the tumbler doesn’t have a crank on the side, you don’t have to bend down to turn the thing. The drum has wedges that allow you to spin the compost with either your hands or feet. The plastic used is black and heavy-duty, making the tumbler weather resistant and heat absorbing. This is the best composter tumbler for the large single barrel category.

The Composting Wizard Dual Tumbler – The Best Dual Composter Tumbler for Capacity

This is the best tumbler in the dual category. There is also another composting wizard on this list, if you haven’t noticed already. That is because this brand is excellent for any situation. This dual tumbler uses a ground-level design and spins on the base very smoothly. The black recycled plastic is great for absorbing heat and keeping pests at bay.

The two openings are both 8 inches, which is a great size for most gardeners. The base of the tumbler will also collect the compost tea that results during the brewing process – This base can collect up to 5 gallons of liquid! The tumbler also comes preassembled ready for use with a one-year warranty.

Joraform Tumbler – The Best Steel Dual Composter Tumbler

Most of the tumblers on this list are going to be made from plastic. This is because plastic doesn’t rust and can be recycled, which complements the composting lifestyle. However, this next tumbler might surprise you because the drum is made from steel!

The Joraform tumbler is a little more expensive than most others, but it is well worth the extra money. The drum is made from steel, the temperature of the compost can get extremely high which will produce compost a lot faster. This tumbler has been designed specifically for food waste and has two compartments for maturing and beginning compost. This is one of the best compost tumblers on this list and comes in single drum and also  larger drum designs.

Envirocycle The Most Beautiful Composter in The World, Made in The USA, – The Best Single Composter Tumbler

As we mentioned above, this is part of the envirocycle family that has already been illustrated in this list. This is the single drum design and it still has all the power you’d expect from a top-of-the-line composter. As with its brother, this composter comes preassembled and ready for use. The plastic is 100% recycled and is available in black or pink! The black color seems to heat up faster, which helps to produce compost quicker.

The base of the drum catches the tea and allows for the drum to be spun smoothly with ease. You do not need to turn a crank with this composter either because of the foot wedges in the drum itself. This prevents you from damaging your back during the spinning. Again, this tumbler comes with a one year warranty and is the best single composter tumbler on this list.

Yimby Dual Composter – The Best Selling Composter Tumbler

The Yimby is one of the most popular composting tumblers available and has been improved to now hold two compartments. The Yimby composter lets you use one for maturing your veg and waste while the other can be used for cooking. The doors even have little indicators to show you which ones which, just in case you forget.

The composter tumbler uses an above-ground design, which makes it easier to spin and keeps all the nasty pests away. The drum is light and uses dark HDPE plastic to absorb heat and cook your compost quicker. The composter can hold up to 37 gallons and makes compost in as little as 2 weeks!


Composting is a fantastic way to use all the garden and food waste you would otherwise throw away. In most cases, the composters themselves will be made from recycled plastic and can be used to help your future plants to grow bigger and better than ever before. There are two types of composter and they both do the same job. However, when compared to bins, tumblers do a much better job when it comes to compost production.

As a little recommendation, I suggest using both a bin and a tumbler. The two work magnificently together, because owners can also use the bin for storage and the tumbler can be used for producing new compost. Bins can easily be made as a DIY tumbler takes a little more work.

To learn about other types of compost, take a look at our post on using manure in your garden!

Check out this video on how to make an easy compost bin for $10.

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