Choosing The Best Chainsaw: 5 Top Rated Chainsaw Reviews

If you have several trees on your property, or will be trimming regularly you owe it to yourself to invest in a top rated chainsaw. The chainsaws reviews below can help to save you a great deal of time and energy. Whether you have to cut tree limbs, shrubs, entire trees there is no tool that you will appreciate more than a pick from our best chainsaw list below. Powered saws can also help protect you from the strain-related injuries that often accompany using manual saws.

That being said sometimes chain saws are just too big for minor pruning and trimming.Certain situations hand pruners or saws would be better to use. It’s important to always use the right tool for the job. To learn about all the best tool for the job than this post on the best pruning tools. It’s a is a great place to start if your unsure about which pruning tools to use. Before we get into which top rated chainsaw is best for you, let’s look at the different types of chainsaws – gas vs. electric.

 Gas Vs. Electric Chainsaws: Understanding The Difference

Before browsing chainsaws on sale, you should decide whether you want a gas-powered model or an electric one. Both gas powered and electric chainsaws have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right model for you will depend on your needs and physical abilities.

Saw cutting through hard wood with ease. A job like this would take much more time and a lot of hard work to complete.

  • Gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful than electric models and suited to heavy-duty jobs like pruning and felling trees. If you do a lot of pruning, you’re probably better off with a gas model. Also they are a bit more complicated to use, and require the operator to be fairly physically fit. If you are new to using chainsaws or have concerns about your physical abilities, you may want to choose an electric model instead.
  • Electric chainsaws are perfectly adequate for many light – medium gardening-related tasks. Especially if you’re managing a small piece of property. If you want a chainsaw which is easy to use, lightweight and quiet than electrics for you.  Although we would recommend going with one of the top rated chainsaws below due to the lack of power found in less expensive models.

Choosing The Best Chainsaw – 5 Top Rated Chainsaw Reviews

  1.  HUSQVARNA 450 (Gas-powered)

A true work horse that starts off our top rated chainsaw reviews is the Husqvarna 450. Its powerful (yet low-emission) 1.8HP X-Torq Engine delivers the force needed to handle tougher gardening tasks (like pruning and felling saplings). It is relatively lightweight and easy to use. Starting a gas-powered model can be a hassle for many. The Husqvarna 450’s choke/stop control startup system should put your mind at ease. The Husqvarna 450 also has a range of convenient “quick release” features which make maintenance a breeze. Also a transparent fuel indicator so that you never run out of fuel mid-way through a job.



2.  WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw (Electric)

First time chainsaw users will appreciate the Worx WG304.1’s blend of power and safety: Though this model’s 4 horsepower, 15 amp motor is sufficient for most tasks (even pruning and felling small trees), its patented auto-tensioning chain tightening system reduces the need for complex maintenance and makes proper chain tension and adjustment a breeze. Its built-in chain brake ensures user safety by protecting users of  kickbacks in a fraction of a second.


   3. OREGON CORDLESS 40 Volt MAX CS300-A6 Chain Saw Kit with 4.0 Ah Battery Pack and C600 Charger (ELECTRIC)

No your not seeing things, there really is a high powered fast cutting electric chain saw that sharpens itself ! Say goodbye to endless cord pulling and mixing gas and oil just to get your chainsaw started. The Oregon cordless 40 volt Max CS300-A6 is the real deal when it comes to the best of the best chainsaws. Whether you cutting firewood or limbing trees you’ll be able to sharpen your saw in as little as 3 seconds with the amazing & patented PowerSharp lever. This chainsaw is remarkably 4 times quieter than a gasoline chainsaw and actually is silent in between cuts. With a saw of this quality it surely will not disappoint.


4. DEWALT DCCS690H1 40V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw (Electric)

If you’re willing to invest a bit more money into purchasing a battery-powered electric model in order to get something more heavy-duty, the Dewalt DCCS690H1 40V MAX Lithium Ion XR Brushless 16″ Chainsaw 6AH is worth a look. Promising to deliver “The performance of gas with the convenience of cordless”. This model boasts a powerful brushless motor paired with a low kick back 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. This topr rated chainsaw is capable of handling a range of tougher jobs. This model also features auto-oiling with LubriLink and LubriWell, ensuring smooth cuts during every use. A tool-free tensioning system, a chain brake for kick back protection, and a variable speed trigger for flawless user control. While it’s still not as supremely powerful as some gas-powered models, the Dewalt DCCS690H1 40V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw is a strong contender.

Dewalts best chain saw

  1. The HUSQVARNA 460 RANCHER (Gas-powered)

The Husqvarna Rancher ranks on top when put to the test with most other gas powered saws. This large (12.6 pounds) gas-powered model features many of the same convenient maintenance systems as the Husqvarna 450 with the addition of heavy-duty add-ons like a forged 3-piece crankshaft for maximum durability. If you’re planning on regularly cutting than this may be the best choice for you.

One of the most well know chain saw brands is Husqvarna.

Check out more great stuff on chainsaw safety and maintenance on this informative site, it’s  loaded with helpful information. If you have a chainsaw that didn’t make the BEST CHAINSAW list we would love to hear about it below. Keep a look out for Living Horts next post on top rated garden sprayers, until than happy sawing!


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