Benefits of Rooting Fertilizer

With spring around the corner things will be in full swing before we know it. I want to share some valuable information on the benefits of rooting fertilizer and a product that will surely have your plants thanking you.

Working inproducts for healthy roots the field I have come across several professionals that have used ARBORjet products since they first started with great success. Arborjet happens to be a company local to me with an extensive line of quality organic products that are used for fertilizing along with insect and disease control.


Today I’m gong to talk about a product that I have had success with and I know you will to if you give it a try. NutriRoot is a liquid soil applied root fertilizer available in several sizes. Two of the sizes come in convenient built in measuring bottles, that eliminate the need for a measuring cup. There is  another sized bottle which has a hose attachment that will do all the mixing for you. I personally  prefer mixing my own products and applying with a garden sprayer, over using a garden hose attachment bottle. Its a preference as to which bottle fits your needs. I just like having the flexibility to change rates or easily fill a watering can when needed.

The 2-2-3 analysis is made of a unique blend of nutrients. Humic acid and seaweed extract along with humectants designed to reduce stress and accelerate root growth.

Plants with healthy roots are far better off, although easily overlooked because they go unseen beneath the ground. The truth is by the time you realize that your roots are suffering or something isn’t right, it’s usually to late. It is better to prevent root problems rather than waiting until they occur.

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Using a product like this makes watering more efficient, increases the storage of water and reduces plant stress. For some awesome tips on efficient watering take a look at this. Another great benefit of NutriRoot are the versatile rates. You dont have to worry about harming your plants by using a little to much. Also no worries of ingesting harmful chemicals with this safe organic product. To check out more great products from Arborjet  and helpful gardening tips check out The Dirt On Dirt.

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