Air Plants  which are known to many as Tillandsias may be the easiest and carefree plant to own. Although these plants grow in the air without any soil they still need water to flourish. Air plants are Epiphytes, which mean that they have a host ( like a home)  on which they grow on. These fascinating little plants use tiny vessels located on their leaves called trichomes  to take in nutrients and water.

One thing that makes air plants special or different from other plants is how they make use of the roots they grow. Unlike other plants which use roots to take up water, Air Plants use roots specifically to anchor themselves to their surroundings like rocks, trees and  almost anywhere else in there environment.

Tillandsias care


Tillandsias Care

  • Although Air Plants are known for their easy growing, they still need some love and care to keep them around for years to come.
  • They need constant air circulation- the more air the happier they are.
  • They do need some moisture- a daily mist is fine most of the year, in winter months once a week is sufficient.
  • Fertilize your Air plants in spring and summer with low nitrogen liquid fertilizer mixed at a quarter of the recommended strength weekly.
  • Even though they love warm environments they need some protection from full sun. Bright filtered to partial shade light is usually best for most varieties. Always read plant care instructions that come with your specific plant.

tillandsias care

How To Grow Air Plants

There are many creative displays for these cool looking plants. Most commonly they are seen hanging in a clear glass globe or pear shaped ornaments near windows. They look particularly appealing in  groups  of three using different plant varieties for eye pleasing effects.

Another appealing design is sticking them to a refrigerator or metal cabinet by gluing a small magnet on the back of an ornament or a reclaimed bottle for the plant to sit in. Air plants also are eye catching on an old piece of driftwood on display. The ideas are endless! You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow air plants, any air head can grow air plants so get growing and have some fun!

Air Plants For Sale

Air plants can be purchased at most garden centers or home stores but  if you’re looking to get a deal or want to find the best price on air plants for sale go here. There are many different varieties & most include free shipping. You won’t find a better price for Tillandsias! Unlike most other plants that are purchased through the mail. Actually air plants ship better than most plant varieties because of their dry root system.

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