3 Secrets to Successful High Yield Gardening In Small Spaces

Did You Say, Successful High Yield Gardening In Small Spaces?

Would you believe me if I told you it is possible to grow over a quarter of a ton of large organic tasty vegetables from a gardening plot just 15 ft X 20 ft ? What about by using a 100 sq. ft. area you could grow 100 lbs of big juicy tomatoes ? I know it seems hard to believe but with the right planning and a little brain power these are very much possible!

The one big secret to  growing a high yield garden is taking the time to plan it correctly. It’s crucial to evaluate your planting area and the growth habit of what your growing if you want a highly productive garden.

high yield garden

Soil & Raised Beds

Any expert will probably agree that soil is one of the most important factors when it comes to growing massive amounts of vegetables. Rich organic soil and a lot of it is what plants love to grow long healthy roots in. When plants are growing healthy underground the result is large healthy growth above the ground resulting in more vegetables.

I can’t say enough good things about raised beds. Not only do they keep you off your knees and the fruit off the ground, but they allow for better drainage and more soil that is not compacted. Another great benefit of using raised beds is the space you save by the ability to fill in your entire planting area. No more rows and walking paths down the middle.

I could write a whole article on raised beds alone and how great the are, but we’ll save it for another day. For now just understand that raised beds are worth the extra effort up front.

Space Above

One thing that will make raised beds much more efficient is rounding the tops of your plants. Most full grown plants that are arched at the top will gain a foot extra of growing space. It might not seem like much but when you do the math over a whole entire garden the numbers add up. A planting area the is 100 s.f. can add an additional 20 percent of growing space!

The way you lie your plants or seeds out is the next key to growing a high yield garden. Squared rows in lines one behind the other is NOT what you want to be doing. Instead staggering is key giving the plants more room to grow while taking up the same space. By staggering and tapering the rows down in a triangular shape you can add over 10 percent more plants in your planting bed. Be sure to keep a close eye out for insect and diseases when planting in close quarters. I always spray my susceptible plants using one of these sprayers filled with an organic fungicide to stay one step ahead of the game.


Up Up & Away

Growing vertical is key when growing in small spaces. Vegetables like peas, cucumbers, and squash do very well on trellises and cages. Growing vertically also saves time by making it easier to see exactly where fruits are. Check out this article on gardening with trellises Lastly growing upward improves air-flow, which will reduce the spread of diseases.

trellis gardening

It’s important to do learn which crops are compatible. Certain species won’t thrive with others so if your looking for a high yield garden this is key. So next time you think you don’t have the space to have a vegetable garden think again. It is definitely possible to do successful high yield gardening in small spaces.

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