3 Best Tips For Growing Perfect Zucchini

If you are having some problems growing Summer Squash aka Zucchini dont worry, you are not alone. Zucchini is a favorite summer vegetable for many, it’s great on the grill and easy to cook. The problem is, there is a good chance several problems may occur before your ready to harvest. With that being said here are the 3 best tips for growing perfect zucchini.

3 Best Tips For Growing Perfect Zucchini

3 best tips for growing perfect zucchini


Problem #1

Why are my little zucchini’s turning black and rotting away?

These large leafed vegetables produce male and female flowers. The male flowers do their job by attracting pollinators, primarily bees. When mother nature does her job and all goes right, the bees pollinate the female blooms with the male pollen. This doesn’t always happen and when you have an older plant it may not produce many female blooms or you may have too few plants, therefore aren’t attracting many pollinators. You may find you finally have some fruit coming, and go to take a peak a few days later and sadly the tiny fruit is rotting away.

best tips for growing perfect zucchini
female zucchini flower



In some cases you have to do the actual pollinating yourself. First make sure know one is watching and rub your behind on the male flower while making a loud buzzing noise. Next do the same on the female flower to transfer the pollen. WAIT just kidding, that won’t work!  This can really be done with an artist’s paint brush by rubbing the pollen from the inside of the male flower lightly and than going to the female next. The female blooms are connected to the fruit and the male are growing directly on the stem with no fruit. This will fix your pollen problem.

Problem #2

My Zucchini flowers aren’t producing pollen!

Hot and damp weather is the perfect recipe for Zucchini plant problems. A couple different things can go wrong. Inside of the large yellow blooms of the female flower a large corolla produces nectar and therefore should produce pollen. In this situation there’s a good chance the pollen could fail. Once this happens and the flower is failing then moisture loving bacteria sets in causing more problems.



The cure for this problem is a little more tricky. You can try to improve the growing conditions by watering in the early morning or late day but more often than not it’s the weather that does the damage. Making sure your plants are healthy and up to par with nutrients can be your best bet.

Problem #3

What is eating my zucchini and cucumbers?

Whether you see holes in your leaves or black and yellow bugs on your plants you have a problem. These are from beetles that can leave you with diseased and damaged plants. Although they are known as cucumber beetles they will feast on much more than cucumbers. These annoying little insects will weaken your plants and therefore make them susceptible to disease.


There are some effective organic insecticides which I prefer to use. Pyrethrum is a naturally occurring broad-spectrum insecticide from dried flower heads of African chrysanthemums. Pyrethrum will kill both pests and beneficials, therefore you must see if it’s really worth using.

Some other preventative measures are crop rotation or covering your crops with very fine net or mesh to stop insects from landing on your plants.

To learn more about this favorite summertime veggie check out this article.

Armed with these 3 best tips for growing perfect zucchini you should be well on your way to having healthy and happy plants. In conclusion, for more awesome gardening tips and lawn mower reviews follow us on social media.


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